What We Do


1) We start with an initial consultation. During the initial consultation, we will gather information and decide how best to proceed. It is best if, when you come in, you bring all the current       information that you have from specialist, therapists, and primary care physicians.

2) We will go over all of the information on hand, complete an intake form and make notes of additional information/documentation that will be needed.

3) When all the information is gathered, we will organize, prioritize and compile it into a complete list of diagnoses, treatments, specialists, etc. and that will help us determine the strength of       the waiver.  

4) Next, the Deeming Waiver will be completed and we will construct a Letter of Medical  Necessity for the physician to review, approve, and place on their letterhead.

5) Finally we meet with you again, go over the Waiver and answer any questions you may have before taking it to your doctor for his/her signature.

6) Once everything is signed and dated, it should be copied.  We can't stress enough how important this is!  If your application is lost and you didn't make a copy, you will have to re-create all the documents you submitted.

7) After everything is signed and copied, you will mail your packet to the Right From the Start Medicaid Office.  They will forward it to GHP (Georgia Health Partnership) for review. 

8) Then, you wait.  The response time from GHP is usually 8-12 weeks.

1) We consult with parents and gather information regarding the IEP process, the goals in place, and the needs of the child.                                                           

2) We attend the IEP meeting with you, offering support, advice and solutions to problems your child may have. 
It is important to us to help your child get a fair and appropriate education. Effective advocacy comes from research, planning, and preparation. We provide these elements to help you obtain goals and services your child needs in school.