Deeming Waiver

Raise Them High has been offering Deeming Waiver services for many years with an excellent approval rating.  We assist with the paperwork, walk you through your application, and provide support for one year.


We offer support and compilation of the NOW/COMP Paperwork, as well as support and training toward helping you obtain approval for your family member.  Like the Deeming Waiver, we also provide one years support and assistance.


Social Security Disability

Applying and Receiving Social Security Disability is a very lengthy and expensive process.  Raise Them High will assist you with your paperwork, compliing your chart, and providing direction in the process.  

Consultation and Resources

When your child is diagnosed with a Developmental Delay, Genetic Disorder, Autism, or other problems, it's very hard to know which direction to go.  What is the best for my child?  Does my child need therapy?  What kind?  Is there a doctor we need to see? 


This can be a daunting and overwhelming experience.  We, at Raise Them High, have years of expertise and experience in helping families.  We will consult with you and provide direction and support and resources for your child or young adult.

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